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Shipping FAQ

*These policies and conditions are subjected to change. Shipping Policy/Delivery Alcove Decor & Furniture hires professional WHITE GLOVE Shipping/Delivery service companies. Sun and Trail lines are one of the best Shipping companies out there. They are very familiar with our suppliers, their products and how these products needed to be assembled and shipped.


Alcove Decor & Furniture offers "PEACE OF MIND" FREE WHITE GLOVE Shipping on selected Items. "PEACE OF MIND" FREE White Glove Shipping offers:

1. Your shipment will be inspected properly before packaging.

2. Once the packaging is ready for shipment.

3. When your shipment is arrived to the distribution center closest to your home, it will be inspected again before the delivery.

4. Before the delivery is made, delivery company will contact the customer and make a appointment making sure that customer is at home at the time of delivery.

5. It is imperative that you are home at the time of delivery. it will be scheduled during business days Monday-Friday and you will be provided with a 2-4 hour window for your delivery time. It is very important that you keep your appointment If you do not keep the appointment, the trucking company will have to charge you to for rescheduling your delivery again..

6. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the delivery company will charge you any where between $89 to $125 for making the delivery second time.

7. Please note that if you miss your delivery the first time, there is no guarantee that your delivery will be made again on the same day or same week. That is why it is important that you do not miss the delivery.

8. Furniture will be delivered Inside the house, customer's room of choice.

9. Furniture will be unpacked and assembled using right and professional tools.

10. Once the customer is satisfied with the furniture and arrangements, the delivery company will proceed to clean up all the debris and trash.

11. This professional Shipping/Delivery service also known as "White Glove Shipping" gives our customers complete "peace of mind."

12. Purchasing customer of Alcove Decor & Furniture will incur additional charges if there is delay in furniture installations/assembly if the customer did not have their furniture cleared of the area where the new furniture installations or if the customer missed the oppointment.

13. It is the customer's responsbility to be present at the address of the delivery mentioned on the purchasing order.


What is Curbside Delivery and Why we do not offer it?

Most furniture companies offer free curb side delivery services. This service is offered for free of charge for large size furniture items. This means that the item(s) you have ordered will be delivered by the curbside or by your mail box. Your item(s) will not be brought inside your house or unpacked or assembled anywhere. This is customers responsibility. More likely, you have to hire additional people to have the furniture brought inside the house and have them assemble it for you for additional charges. You are taking the risk of damaging the item either while taking the furniture inside or while get it assembled by people who may not have the right tools or the knowledge about the item(s) to have it assembled professionally. Prior Preparations for the Delivery

1. The delivery company will call you to schedule an appoint for delivery of your new shipment.

2. It is not our/delivery company's responsibility to remind you to prepare for delivery of your new shipment.

3. To avoid any injuries to our delivery drives, you should have your driveways cleared of snow or any pedestrian items that may cause them injuries.

4. You should have your entrances, area where the new shipment will be place/installed to be cleared of your previous owned items/furniture.

5. You should have your stairwell, hallways, and other entrances cleared of all your decor items or whatever there maybe to have secure and safe delivery.

6. Delivery company is not responsible for damage of any items that may hinder them during delivery of the furniture inside your home.

7. Delivery company will not disassemble your existing furniture, disconnect or move any of your electronic devices or equipment.

8. Delivery company do not remove, disassemble or pack any of your existing furniture.

9. The area has to be cleared of all the existing furniture and other items "PRIOR" to have new furniture/shipment delivered and assembled.

10. It is not our/delivery company's responsibility to move or have the pathway cleared Please secure your home for delivery by covering exposed floors with protective material, and removing furniture or objects that may obstruct the path or create difficulty with the delivery. We are not responsible for damages to items that could have been properly secured prior to delivery. We/Delivery company is not responsible for moving existing furniture in your home. If a mattress was purchased, we will remove your old mattress. We reserve the right to refuse removal of a soiled or stained mattress.

Returns Policy Alcove Decor & Furniture does not offer any return policies at this point. Following is our return policy, IF we decided to offer it:

a. If shipment was received by the customer in good condition, the customer however, decided to return the shipment, the customer will pay for return shipment.

b. The shipment must be in the original packaging.

c. The shipment must be returned to the its point of origin.

d. The shipment must be returned in good condition.

e. No item part of the shipment should be missing.

f. There will be charge for missing or broken/damage items.

g. There will be 22% to 25% restocking fee based on what manufacturer/suppliers would charge.

h. Delivery fee is non refundable.

i. Shipment should be returned without any delay.

j. Prior to return, customer should contact Alcove Decor & Furniture at

k. Any pictures or Video of the damage items can also be provided sooner the better.